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Alumni Stories

Bloch School alumni can be found in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, making important contributions and making a difference, center stage and behind the scenes.

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Class Notes

Patrick Sallee (MPA ’06)首页betway必威 was named Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed Wyandotte Community Health Center.

Sarah Littleton Schiltz (MS ’07)首页betway必威 was named youngest female partner ever at MarksNelson.

Larry R. Kemm (BS ’84)首页betway必威 joins Carlton Fields as Of Counsel.

Megan M. Scheidt Gilliland (MPA ’06) was recently hired as the communications and education manager for The League of Kansas Municipalities. In this position, she serves as the editor-in-chief of the Kansas Government Journal.

Molly Kerr (MBA ’91) has been named The Private Bank’s market executive for Bank of Kansas City.

Clarence Tan (BBA ’12) makes math homework a video game with

John Owen (MS ’03) was named Chief Financial Officer for Executive AirShare.

Brian D. Corn (EMBA ’04)首页betway必威 was named Chief Technology Officer at Athlete Network, an online platform designed to keep athletes competing in life after sports.

Greg Manis (BBA ’90) was appointed corporate director of communications at MGP, a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches.

Todd D. Bower (BBA ’89)首页betway必威 was named AVP and branch manager at Dime Bank in Connecticut.

Scott Ast (MPA ’91)首页betway必威 recently published his second book,

Dr. Sergio Canavati (MBA ’09, Ph.D. ’15) joins the business school faculty at Sonoma State University.

Col. Thomas Burke (Executive MBA ’09)首页betway必威 received command of the 130th Field Artillery Brigade of the Kansas National Guard on Sept. 18.

Natasha Kirsch (MPA ’14) creates a path out of poverty with

David S. Wiley (BS ’91)首页betway必威 was appointed CEO of Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care.

David Bernstein (MBA ’95) recently launched Squix – the first online retailer exclusively devoted to germ-fighting products.

Mike Plunkett (BS ’91)首页betway必威 is co-founder, COO and CFO of PayIt, a startup that recently won third place in the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Code for America Tech Innovation Pitch. This honor was announced at SXSW.

Greg Farmer (EMBA ’12) was named Kansas City Star managing editor.


Thomas Maloney (MBA ’70)
Candice N. Minear (MPA ’13)
Lindsay Jaye Sharp (MS ’10 )
Steven Theodore Alexopoulos (BBA ’86)
Gerald Meredith Donna (MBA ’67)
John E. Henderson (BBA ’57)
William Henry Maxon (MPA ’76)
Walter S. White (BBA ’70)
Paul Francis Habiger (MBA ’71)
Eric William Johnston (BBA ’84)
Mary Patricia McCarthy Laubinger (MPA ’84)
John J. Rieger (BBA ’85)
George Percival Jackson, Jr. (BBA ’58 )
Christopher Lee Franklin (BBA ’13)
Frank C. Swinney (BBA ’57)
Dr. James S. Crabtree (MBA ’63)
William R. Betker (MBA ’74)
Roy Victor Ekberg (MBA ’67)
Lloyd Edward Rethemeyer II (BBA ’73)
Gary Michael Bridges (BBA ’82)
Bernether Macklin (CU ’84)
Donald R. Bailey (BS ’83)
Deborah E. Rose (BBA ’78)
Larry R. Blessing (BBA ’65)